The prospect of continuing to work under untenable circumstances is not in the best interest of you or your employer.  This is particularly true if you’ve been subjected to discriminatory conduct or other actions contrary to law.

Even when no unlawful conduct has occurred, it is advantageous to have an attorney negotiate a confidential exit agreement allowing both you and your employer to part ways peaceably under favorable terms.  An effective negotiation of your departure will allow you to:

  • Preserve your career trajectory
  • End destructive conflict
  • Resolve differences on a confidential basis
  • Minimize business disruption
  • Engage in a dignified leadership transition
  • Prevent an awkward handling of your departure
  • Have a voice in how your departure is communicated
  • Enter into a settlement agreement with reasonable terms
  • Limit disparaging and defamatory conduct by others
  • Avoid costly, time-consuming, and lengthy litigation

If the above scenario applies to you, contact Rich Daugherty.  He is experienced in negotiating exit agreements that enable his clients to successfully move forward with their lives. This proactive approach to orchestrating a peaceful and dignified departure allows you to avoid the agony of being wrongfully terminated and continue your career trajectory without interruption.

Rich offers a one-on-one relationship with his clients. When you contact his office, you will speak directly with him.  You can arrange for a brief phone conference at no charge.

Rich represents clients from across North Carolina, including Raleigh, Durham, Wilmington, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, and more. He is available to meet with prospective clients outside of Chapel Hill when circumstances permit. Evening appointments are also available.

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