Retaliation Occurs When an Employer Punishes an Employee For:

  • Complaining to management about discrimination (including harassment)
  • Notifying management about an unlawful activity
  • Resisting sexual advances or opposing the harassment of another employee
  • Filing an EEOC charge or lawsuit based on discrimination
  • Answering questions during an employer investigation about discrimination
  • Serving as a witness in a complaint, EEOC charge, or lawsuit about discrimination
  • Refusing to follow orders that would result in discrimination
  • Asking others about their pay to uncover potential discrimination
  • Requesting FMLA leave
  • Requesting an accommodation for a disability or religious practice
  • Opposing discrimination against another employee

Examples of Retaliation

  • Undermining managerial authority or span of control
  • Exclusion from key meetings and other activities
  • Taking away direct reports or financial resources
  • Interference with or disruption of work
  • Unwarranted scrutiny of job performance
  • Making or perpetuating disparaging or false statements
  • Demotion or transfer to a less desirable position
  • Unmerited disciplinary action, PIP, or termination
  • Denial of promotions or training opportunities
  • Significant reduction or change in job responsibilities
  • Unfairly imposing more difficult work conditions
  • Inequitable reduction in pay, bonus, or other incentives
  • Failure to award earned pay raises or bonuses
  • Isolation from other employees
  • Threats, intimidation, or humiliation

Protect your Rights

The law sets firm deadlines for reporting retaliation.  For more information, see article on Retaliation.

If you’ve been subjected to retaliation, contact Rich Daugherty.  Whether your employment has been wrongfully terminated, you’re in fear of losing your job unlawfully, or you’re stuck in an untenable situation, contact Rich.

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