What are Common Signs I’m Being Discriminated Against?

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1. You're Doing a Good Job

Consider your performance review ratings and positive feedback from others.

2. You're Being Treated Unfavorably

  • Your work is more closely scrutinized as opposed to your peers
  • Your work is interfered with
  • Your authority has been undermined
  • Employees you supervised have been stripped away from you
  • Your budget has been taken away or reduced
  • You’ve been purposely humiliated in front of other employees
  • You’ve been subjected to inappropriate jokes, questions, or comments
  • You have fewer promotional opportunities
  • Key job responsibilities have been taken away from you
  • You’ve been demoted or received disciplinary action for no reason

3. You're a Member of a Protected Class

Protected classes include sex, pregnancy, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, color, national origin, age, disability, and religion.

4. You're Being Treated Differently than Your Peers

Consider other employees who are in the same or a similar position as you but are not members of your protected class. Are they being treated more favorably than you?  Perhaps they’re paid more, given preferential treatment, or not singled-out or criticized the way you are.

5. This Has Significantly Impacted You

Discrimination impacts different people in different ways, here are some common examples:

  • You’ve been fired or demoted
  • You’ve experienced a loss of income or benefits or the loss of a job opportunity
  • You’ve suffered from psychological harm for which you’ve sought treatment by a physician or mental health provider
  • You’ve lost sleep, experienced a change in eating habits, become agitated or feel hopeless, or your close relationships have been impacted
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