How Do I Report Discrimination?

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Here are some basic tips:

  • Put it in Writing: Document your notification to the employer. This is critical because the employer may later deny that you reported discrimination.
  • Be Clear: Don’t beat around the bush.  Be specific as to the kind of discrimination you’ve experienced.
  • Be Concise: Long and confusing emails are less effective at getting the attention of management and identifying the problem.
  • Give Examples: Provide some specific examples of the discriminatory conduct you’ve experienced.  This conduct may include demotions, disciplinary actions, terminations, interference with work, exclusion from important activities, isolation, excessive scrutiny of your work, unwelcome physical contact, threatening behavior, humiliation, undermining your job authority, etc.
  • Ask for What You Need: Make it clear that you want two things.  First, ask for the discrimination to stop.  Second, ask for your complaint to be investigated.
  • Get a Response: This is important to prove that your employer actually received your complaint.  Email can be an effective way to do this, especially if you receive a reply from your employer (showing that your complaint was received).
  • Keep a Copy:  Be sure to retain a copy of any documentation of the discrimination, your performance history, and your complaint.
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